Monday, July 25, 2011

The Master and Margarita: A Reading Map

"Really, I would pawn my soul to the devil to find out whether he is alive or dead."
In The Master and Margarita the devil has come to Moscow, intent of wreaking havoc throughout the Communist society. Accompanied by a unique retinue, including a gun-toting and vodka drinking cat, he reveals that "manuscripts don't burn" and greed destroys citizens. Meanwhile, the witty and profound voice behind the absurd characters chastises a corrupt regime built on censorship and oppression. 

Bulgakov's classic piece of literary fiction is filled to the brim with allusions, references, parallels, characters, themes, and so much more linking the book to the outside world. Moreover, the broad influence of The Master and Margarita has brought about new creations further contributing to the novel's ubiquity throughout popular culture. I hope you enjoy navigating this reading map aimed to shed light on the relationship of The Master and Margarita to the world of books and beyond!